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March 03, 2010



true true true...media blew everything up. They let child molesters and rapists out in the city after a few months but deport an "alleged gangster" with a tiny record.


I'm sure that if we could deport all of these more serious offenders to an isolated island we would. It's the justice system that keeps releasing them into public. It's not like my sister or the lady down the street show up to the jail cell with a key and go "well, come on out and live amongst the people again!!". Get a grip.

I hope they ship all the asian "gangsters" out of town. No matter where they were born. They are the scourge of the city. Well, and the lawyers that defend them in court.


I think you're missing the point there Raj. Calgarians aren't comfortable living with criminals who were born here, we all hate the silly little slaps on the wrist that violent criminals consistently get and passionately wish that the justice system would start to care about the innocent and stop protecting and pitying criminals. Also, we realize we have to live amongst Candian citizens that our justice system is too ineffective to punish and keep us safe from as they didn't come from some far away place so we can't send them back. On the other hand though there are people who we don't have to live amongst because we can kick them out of our country and I feel no sympathy or guilt for wanting to rid our city of anyone who immigrates here only to become a criminal that drains on our society and puts us all at risk. Good riddance to Jackie Tran, he and everyone like him aren't welcome here, they can assault and steal from each other back home.

Raj Sharma


I appreciate your comment and hear what you are saying. I don't blame anyone for wanting to rid society of the 'bad guys' ... however I question the effectiveness and the distinction which I believe to be one without a difference in removing long term permanent residents of Canada, especially those that came here as children. If our system is one of reintegration and rehabilitation, then why don't we deny it from these individuals, who are Canadian (citizens) in all but for an oversight in failing to apply for citizenship?


Whats the point in continuing to try and bring Jackie Tran back? it was hard enough getting rid of him in the first place we need to deport more criminals and these asian gangsters and make it easier to get rid of them and impossible for them to come back

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