The Blame Game Then and Now

Contrary to recent narratives blaming immigrants for economic challenges, the reality in Canada is complex. It should also be noted that these concerns are not new. An article from 2017, at least 2 Liberal immigration ministers ago, could have been from this year: He [Gilles Paquet, an author and economics professor emeritus at the University of Ottawa} believes an immigration intake of 300,000 or more is "mindless," arguing that Canada does not have the capacity to adequately help them transition with services and supports. ... The result, he says, is growing frustration, marginalization and a number of cultural "enclaves" across the country that will lead to increased public tensions and problems down the road. ... Increased immigration levels are putting too much pressure on the demand for housing, road space and recreational facilities, where demand has outpaced supply in some cities like Vancouver. It's especially easy to blame temporary residents like international students and temporary foreign workers. As I've written previously, international students went from heroes to zeros in fairly short order. There is a legitimate debate to be had on the relatively recent uptick in immigration intake and impact on housing and social services. International students are screened to... Read more →

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