Ask Kubeir -Thoughts on the Deportation of Indian International Students

I joined Kubeir to discuss the plight of Indian International Students facing removal because of the use of false documents in their applications. This follows my interview with Rishi Nagar of RedFM Calgary -this time, the discussion was in English. We also chatted about the huge number of individuals in Canada as temporary residents and recent developments with EE and Bill C19. It was a great chat and I'm looking forward to joining Kubeir in the future. Kubeir Kamal: Good morning, Bonjour. Welcome to the channel. My name is Kubeir for everybody who is Fasting Mubarak. I have with me today a very prominent immigration lawyer who is made a name for himself in, in several, several immigration related litigations in terms of admissibility hearings, mis misrepresentations, refugees. And today we are gonna pick his brain with regards to what's happening with these international students that we are hearing about who have presumably, presumably been given deportation orders because apparently the horse doesn't, hasn't heard about them. So let me first bring Raj Sharma on. Hi Raj, welcome to the channel. Raj Sharma: Thank you. Thank you for having me Kubeir. Kubeir Kamal: No, thank you for sparing the time.... Read more →

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