A Demanding Fortnight: Navigating Diverse Immigration Challenges

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of hearings entailing appearances at the Federal Court, Refugee Protection Division (RPD), and the Immigration Appeal Division. These hearings have showcased the breadth and complexity of immigration litigation in Canada. Last week began with two Federal Court appearances on Monday and Wednesday. The first dealt with a refusal of an overseas humanitarian and compassionate application by a visa office abroad. The second involved a where an LGBTQ individual from Pakistan faced refusal for the second time by the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). The week concluded with an appearance at the RPD for a refugee hearing against Lebanon, where the potential application of an exclusion clause was a central issue. Fortunately, the Minister’s non-intervention simplified the proceedings. This (shortened) week began with a refugee claim against India; everything went smoothly and the Board Member recognized the strength of the submitted disclosure which corroborated the claimant’s political opinion and activities and helped to establish his fears in a return scenario. This week saw another RPD hearing this time against Pakistan, where the claimant and their family's safety was in jeopardy due to their political activism and published opinions. These cases underscore the personal risks... Read more →

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